Re-work by instragram

Maybe I will be better with still life photography than porttrait photo graphy, even maybe better to sell my camera and use only my tab to take a photo.


Because a low quality photo from tablet sensor is equal to my photography skill, the DSLR sensor is best but my skill is not good enough to make the best.

#photography #budha

I wanna going to make some portrait photography workshop as same as I want to do, but in this time i can’t do this, no budget to hire some model (and no volunteers whos wanna make some free portriat too)

It’s maybe the question “I can’t not be a photographer?” Or “My works is suck?”

Ready for the valentine’s day

Happy chinese’s new year


3am. I’m still awake wtf!?

Clay can be a bricks
Bricks can be a structures
I am always a scumbag

My mom’s work

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